Thursday, September 25, 2014

Who is your enemy?

As I was talking to a friend today, she said to me, "we need to not react whenever people say things to us that we don't like. We have to love them no matter what." 

And her words hit me deeply, because I had done just the opposite the day before. A misunderstanding, an offense, and my day was thrown off, words were said not fit for the kingdom of God. 

Jesus said:

But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you.

Luke 6:27

I think sometimes, as good Christians, we don't believe that we have any enemies. But what if our enemies are just enemies of the moment, like the husband who is unreasonably angry, or the teenager who refuses to show respect? 

What if our enemy is the coworker who always talks about us behind our back, or the boss who does not understand that sometimes we get sick and need a day off? 

I know it is easy for me to be unloving to someone who has hurt me. How justified I can be in seeing the wrong that has been done to me. But is not this person, at the time, my enemy? Can not even my husband be "the enemy" when we are in the midst of a terrible disagreement? 

My friend's words hit hard: we are to show love to everyone, even our "enemies of the moment." She was spot on, and her casual comment pierced my heart. How difficult the words of Jesus to practice, but how peaceful the result if we do! Amen. 


  1. In the same way that your friend's words pierced your heart, so have your words today pierced mine, especially getting me to realize that sometimes people are "enemies of the moment." Practicing peace is something I have been working on recently, so your message is very timely. Wonderful words for the world today.

  2. MarleneB, I am so glad that you were blessed by this word, just as I was blessed by the word of my friend. Blessings, sister!